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Distance Education

Distance Education courses are designed to enable completion of coursework at a time and place independent of the course professor, typically via the internet.  Currently, 43 programs offer some distance education courses ranging from 1 course to virtually the entire degree.  Please note that all programs require certain laboratories and other hands-on activities to be completed on-campus and/or at approved off-campus facilities.

Institutions that provide students with the Distance Education (online) option to complete a substantial portion (more than 50%) of the accredited program leading to licensure in funeral service are identified below.

Questions you should ask when choosing an online program.

Students planning to enroll in distance education courses offered by an institution located in other than their home state (state of residence) are advised to check with the institution to be sure the institution is authorized to offer courses in their particular state. Students are also reminded that licensing requirements vary state by state. With this in mind, students are also advised to contact the agency that regulates funeral service/mortuary science activities in the state in which they intend to pursue employment to verify licensure requirements.  See the list of licensing agencies.

Find the complete list of accredited programs, including those offering Distance Education options, by clicking on Directory of Programs. The Directory of Programs includes contact information (name, address, phone number, and email address of all program directors) arranged state by state.

Click here for the Directory of Programs in downloadable PDF format.

Click here for list of state licensing agencies.

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