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Accreditation Decisions

COA meets two times each year (April and October) and utilizes special meetings, if necessary.

Current decisions of COA are reported on this webpage and decisions since October 2013, may be reviewed under the tab - Past COA Decisions. Effective in 2019, accreditation decision information is included in the ABFSE Directory of Accredited Programs.

Committee on Accreditation (COA) Actions:

October 2021
The Committee on Accreditation of the American Board of Funeral Service Education took the following actions regarding these funeral service/mortuary science education programs at the October 14-15, 2021 meeting in Nashville, TN:

Re-accreditation for a period of seven (7) years

    Chandler-Gilbert Community College -  Mesa, AZ
    Reaccredited with stipulation to address assessment (Standard 10) including evidence that assessment data is being used for program improvement. Evidence is to include results of current graduate and employer surveys and advisory board meetings.

    Program was recognized for a candid comprehensive review during the self study process which led to program improvements and for the dedication of the program director.

    John A. Gupton College, Nashville, TN
    Reaccredited with no stipulations.

    Recognition for strong financial support, ease of use and accessibility of information on the website and in print, facilities and learning environment that foster student success and organization, structure, administration, teamwork and collegiality.

    Milwaukee Area Technical College, Milwaukee, WI
    Reaccredited with one (1) stipulation to demonstrate that faculty report directly or indirectly to the Program Director (Standard 1.7.2).

    Piedmont Technical College, Greenwood, SC
    Reaccredited with no stipulations.

    Recognition for full-time faculty who appear to work as a highly effective synergistic team, an active Advisory Committee, a human remains donor program and a pet crematory to supplement student academic experiences and the Piedmont Funeral Service Foundation providing scholarships and other support.

Probation for one (1) year

    Florida State College, Jacksonville, FL
    Probation status requires the following issues to be addressed by March 1, 2022:

    • Verify that program and admissions information is presented in consistent fashion across all published sources. (Standard 9.1.1)
    • Provide evidence that curriculum distribution complies with Standard 5.4.
    • Provide evidence that assessment efforts comply with Standard 10. 1 and 10.3 and include at a minimum, survey results, job placement rates and NBE pass rates.
    • Provide evidence of consistent use of embalming case reports (Standard 5.4.6) and funeral directing case reports (Standard 5.4.8).

    Gupton-Jones College of Funeral Service, Decatur, GA
    Probation status requires the following issues to be addressed by March 1, 2022:

    • Provide evidence of faculty training in on-line courses. (Standard 6 & Appendix E)
    • Provide content of preceptor training. (Standard 6.2.2)
    • Provide evidence of regulate and substantive interaction in on-line courses. (Standard 6 & Appendix E)
    • Provide evidence of affiliation agreements for each clinical site being utilized. (Standard 7.2.4)
    • Demonstrate how course level assessment is used to improve student outcomes. (Standard 10.1.2)
    • Demonstrate that student outcome data, complaints, policies and stakeholder comments are reviewed. (Standard 1.5)
    • Present a plan to improve student outcomes and clarify policy. (Standard 1.5, 1.6, 5.3)

    Other actions taken by the Committee on Accreditation did not affect the accredited status of the programs involved.

    The following institutions/programs will be considered for scheduled re-accreditation and initial accreditation through a formal review by the Committee on Accreditation at the next scheduled meeting April 4-5, 2022 in Dallas, TX.


    American River College, Sacramento, CA
    Des Moines Area Community College,
    Ankeny, IA
    Northampton Community College,
    Bethlehem, PA
    Northeast Texas Community College,
    Mt. Pleasant, TX
    University of District of Columbia Community College,
    Washington, DC

Initial Accreditation:

    North Shore Community College, Danvers, MA
    Arkansas State University,
    Mountain Home, AR

The above schedule is subject to change.


Public comment regarding the above may be submitted to the ABFSE office prior to March 1, 2022.

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